Husband chat to “small three” pregnant blackmail

taiwan detective徵信社< / p > < p > tian jing and her husband zhang zhigang married for many years, with a pair of children, zhang zhigang is running a small business, although not too rich and expensive, but also more than the next, a pair of children clever and clever, results are not bad, tian jing at home full-time housewife, life is also full of flavor. Recently, tian jing found some anomalies of zhang zhigang. Since zhang zhigang learned to use WeChat, seems to hide from tian jing and apply for a WeChat ID, not around tian jing, he always and some strange women chat hot, tian jing is also inadvertently picked up her husband’s mobile phone to find these clues. At first, find jing cheung chi-kong confrontation, he always said some business relationship, also blame jing at him too tight, there was no space to leave him, until one day, they are a family of four go out to play, on my way home, cheung chi-kong asked jing to the curb parking, directly to the parking lot to find his car, he said let jing take their children to go home. Jing returned home, go home for a long time not see cheung chi-kong, jing worried about him and went out to look for him, zhengzhou private detective in the parking lot cheung chi-kong said there, jing found cheung chi-kong car, waiting for more than an hour, cheung chi-kong with a woman from a bath center, jing also received his phone on the way, he invented elsewhere, go home for a while. < / p > < p > tian jing did not hesitate, directly rushed to zhang zhigang car, drag the door and the woman quarreled, after home tian jing always let zhang zhigang explain, zhang zhigang said that tian jing misunderstood him, the woman is just a bath center massage small three, he will not do anything too latticedaaidetective徵信社. < / p > < p > tian jing told zhang zhigang’s family, they do not believe that zhang zhigang is such a person, also feel that tian jing suspicious. < / p > < p > tian jing the whole person collapsed, every day to tears, every day thin down, zhang zhigang has never broken the chat and other people date, every time is to fabricate a variety of lies. < / p > < p > after a few days, zhang zhigang with tian jing said to go out to play with friends, friends are the second day to start, but zhang zhigang went ahead of the day before, tian jing doubt, but did not say what. < / p > < p > through other channels, tian jing knew this time he went to find the massage small three. Seven days later, he came back a day later than other friends, the same is with the small three together, in the Mid-Autumn festival that day, tian jing took the children to the warehouse to find him, he flurried put away the mobile phone, tian jing took over to see, and the small three chat, is video. Tian jing ran away from home in anger, later, zhang zhigang promised to say, unload WeChat, will not contact with others. < / p > < p > before long, tian jing because of ectopic pregnancy surgery, recuperation at home soon, zhang zhigang began to relapse, and began to frequent WeChat chat. < / p > < p > tian jing unbearable, and zhang zhigang put forward a divorce, zhang zhigang and tian jing came clean. Husband is near you bored by adding personnel know this “small three”, this time the little three have been pestering cheung chi-kong, said pregnant with his child, cheung chi-kong psychological fear, zhengzhou private detective and he wasn’t sure whether the child, constantly advised her to abort tXRPhe child, little three offered to cheung chi-kong to rent his hiring a nanny, etc., citing the child put forward a lot of unreasonable demands, cheung chi-kong, while the little three also because cheung chi-kong snub her when I was in hospital, twice refused to do surgery, until jing find her, gave her a few thousand dollars, looked at her into the operating room, Tian jing was relieved. < / p > < p > not long after, the small three sent a rogue like the man, let zhang zhigang extortion to fulfill his promise, is to compensate her two months salary of 60,000 yuan, tian jing simply angry, zhang zhigang at this time also like a frost dozen eggplant, even want to put the money to her end the matter. < / p > < p > tian jing did not agree this time, she felt that there will be the next time, this kind of rogue means will destroy the home sooner or later, fortunately, the other side did not continue to entangle, things so let it go. She also looking for someone to talk to these encounters, and can be a twin flame all have no, she is mental depression, don’t know how to get out of the shadows, in a chance to read people’s circle of friends, she saw my WeChat public article, she said she was in my article, seemed to find what they want, but don’t know what to learn, so, try holding the attitude of wrote me emails, tells the story of her marriage, read her email, I direct messages again and she chatted for an evening, managed to get a comprehensive understanding of her things. Jing now feel intimidated, always doubt cheung chi-kong hide from her to do something, though cheung chi-kong guarantees, but jing is not close to him, this is the typical “sequela” derailed, it didn’t find before, she is a special trust her hXMRusband, until that time she saw her husband will bring out the little re-understanding bath center, at first she didn’t believe his eyes. “That day I always thought it was my own eyes, but I was wrong. I kept thinking: how could my husband carry me to steal other women?” she told me repeatedly. Like all Chinese wives, marriages tend to be overly trusting of their husbands, trusting of each other’s feelings, and confident in their personal attractiveness. Little imagine, exactly is their this kind of excessive trust, blind confidence, again and again, again and again cover up the fact that the husband cheated. I appreciate jing in that small three “pregnancy” to blackmail the husband, she doesn’t have a fool think money to handle, otherwise, they are the home will continue to be Mired in misery, maybe it will be the destruction, it is obvious that the little three is indefensible, actually she is not pregnant, just think of cheung chi-kong this cash cow is going to lose, want to hard cash, she also can’t be because of love and hate, let alone want to use this way to keep this man, is a naked extortion, fortunately, she did not succeed, otherwise, sixty thousand yuan is enough she spend ten years in prison, for eight years. I give jing said, now, she is not necessary to continue to struggle, zhengzhou private detectives from another perspective, instead, she have to thank the little three, can at least give her a warning, not too much confidence like before, also, of course, more importantly, the little three and the husband to cheat, also can let her see their real status of marriage, find each other their own shortcomings, there is no need for this accident, and negate the husband, negate each other for so many years emotion and haXLMrd-won marriage

I was distracted by my worthless husband

區塊鏈相關問答I have for a long time can’t stand my husband, he is not motivated, doing nothing all day, work efficiency is very low, all day nagging, language is very bothersome, has the dedication to work, as much as other men do not always see some simple series, and it is very simple, qiong precious jade class television, or simple Korean dramas, all is the little girl see the sort of, meet constantly complain, on thinking is very simple also. To tell you the truth, I really look down on him. Although I know that I should not talk about my husband like this, I really do not want to communicate with him about many problems. Our daughter is one year old. What should I do? Private detective answer a question: see you very helpless, also very depressed, originally full of hope get of a paragraph of marriage, but now be su區塊鏈的應用領域ch a “worthless” husband get upset, home not like home? Now, I don’t know what your specific situation is? What efforts and improvements have you made? I was wondering, did you look at his family background before you got married, or did you look at his parents’ status and wealth? I do not understand, the child is only one year old, you are very disappointed to your husband, perhaps not before marriage did not know what kind of person he is? I often tell my visitors that there is no room for love or marriage. In fact, many people’s marriage lacks enough value and is obviously born with deficiencies. The so-called impurity or moisture, is that some people simply to get married and get married, but the result deviated from the track of marriage. For instance, pay close attention to the other side economy condi區塊鏈的發展前景tion and economic actual strength more before marriage, if this boy does not have much money, but his parents are rich, married then past, this belongs to typical marriage motive is not pure. What we don’t know is that the person we end up living with is the key to your future happiness. On the eighth day of the first month of this year, a 28-year-old woman came to me for advice. She was desperate for a divorce but worried about losing her fortune. At first, I thought there was an accident at home that required property preservation, but that wasn’t the case. She is a girl from other places, working in changsha, the family is still relatively well-off. But she was looking for a young man in changsha who had just been introduced to the son of a demolition family who had won a large amount of land compensation區塊鏈系統的運行方式 from land expropriation. The girl thought, many people struggle all their life can not earn so much money, “I marry him, at least this life don’t need to struggle for a living. On one thought, she married and had children. When the child was four years old, she could not bear her husband’s behavior any longer and resolutely asked for a divorce. Why? It turned out that she only noticed the considerable amount of money under the boy’s name, but did not think that her husband was a lazy guy. Over the years, hundreds of thousands had been spent, and she feared that the remaining hundreds of thousands would be lost. This story sounds ridiculous, but in real life, there are many people. Now, I don’t know what is it about your husband that disappoints you? Was he like this from the beginning? Or has it become some區塊鏈發展面臨的主要挑戰thing like this?

Some of the qualities of a good man depend on whether he is good or not

徵信社有哪些服務項目As the saying goes, male afraid into the wrong line, female afraid to marry the wrong lang. Therefore, women need to be very careful when choosing a love or marriage partner. The society of this year is complex, the heart is also complex, private detective, not careful will be victimized. The same is true of relationships. People often say, the man is too honest worthless, the man is not bad woman do not love, but people also say, if the man is not quiet, it is not a sense of security. Many women find it hard to find a good man. In fact, what people are saying is just some gene臺灣徵信社私家偵探服務ral criteria. Today, we will summarize some characteristics of a good man, and let you try to look at your man from all angles to see whether he is good or not. With the following points, to measure a man, can minimize the risk of choosing a mate. First: see if this man is dating you while also having affairs with other women. Second: look at the man’s attitude towards his parents, relatives and friends. Third: see this man has enterprise to the enterprise has the sense of responsibility to the family. Four: see how the man’s friends around him evaluate him. Fifth: understand t台灣台北徵信社-台北抓姦-台北感情挽回he man’s love history, if there is a divorce experience, as far as possible to find the reason. Sixth: see if the man is too extreme or impulsive when dealing with some emotional conflicts. Seventh: see if this man can give you enough face in front of your friends. Eight: see whether this man can be true accommodation to you, contain you, caret you, from detail consideration you. Ninth: see this man whether ignore your existence for the reason of career or social intercourse. Ten: see how this man gets along with your family and friends. Eleven: see this man in the good and bad台灣設計離婚徵信社 time, how to deal with, how to treat you. Twelfth: when you are pregnant, see if this man will really think about you. Thirteen: see if the man has his own judgment. 14: see what kind of people his circle of friends are. No matter how well the private detective ACTS or pretends, his circle of friends is rubbish. He is no better. As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together. 15: see if this man is always picking on you. Above a few, basically can judge the character of a man and connotation. If you can’t even do the basics, I don’t think this man is any better. We’ll h台灣徵信社推薦-台灣徵信社評價ave to make do.

The husband has an affair to catch rape in the bed but suffer its to beat violently

婦幼徵信公司My husband beat me, tied my hands and feet, and stuffed his old socks in my mouth, making my face swell, my thighs swell, and my neck pinch. I want a divorce, but he said the divorce, the child belongs to him, in the future will not let me see my son, also do not let me call my son, also want to delete the son’s photo in my mobile phone. My son is only four months old now. He’s at his house with his parents. Son is the flesh that drop from my body, I cannot lose him, I do not have job now, also do not have economic income, I am afraid if I divorce really, I am afraid the court can judge child to him according to economic ability, how should I do? I can’t take it anymore. We were married by children. I have been with him for more than three years. I have beaten three children and shaved once. December last year, I more than seven months pregnant, and found that he was having an affair, I am afraid to go after induced labor can form can not have children, and children early once formed, will be moving in the stomach, for the children, and for me personally, I stil警民徵信社BLOGl stand, I will back to his house, the child was born, only married child full moon night. He wrote a guaranty to me, that female also gives me assurance to never contact him again, who knows just led 11 days, I go to my elder sister that come back, unexpectedly catch rape by me in the bed. Now I really know regret, help me, what should I do? Private detective reply: every see the repeated abortion before marriage, curettage induced labor, married by children these words, my heart will be dull pain, can not help but think of such a sentence in the head: cheap oneself girl no one love. Yes, a girl who belittles herself is not loved. A girl who does not spare herself is not loved by a man. Is not a man heartless, is she no longer can let a man to love. What does she make a man love? Before marriage, men become familiar with their bodies, their wombs, their faces, their reputations… It was lucky that a man could marry her. He still had pity on her. Your husband beat you really too much, too close to abnormal. Was his perversion preexisting or forced? Suggest If be already had, the initiative separates quickly, live together with such man, be beaten certainly is normal state. If be forced, advocate the obligation that seeks oneself from the fault of the other side. It takes two to tango, a man hit a woman, or a woman’s hand owe, or a woman’s mouth cheap. Hand owe, is knowing dozen however still proceed with first, hope the man is wrong to be able to let oneself. Mouth cheap, is the reason on the mouth not rao person, the man said but lifelong gas can only proceed. You don’t have the capital to manage him. You don’t want a divorce. This kind of man all have such a logic: you eat my wear my use my, I play a woman you still prohibit, you with what tube I? Your husband is holding the kids against you, or at least clarifying that he doesn’t want a divorce. From and do not leave, the key to see you. If choose divorce, you can consult lawyer, the child divorce of lactation period should be returned wife. I don’t know much about this. What the lawyer says is correct. What worries me is that you don’t have a job, y徵信社 推薦ou don’t have an income, what are you going to do with your kids? If do not divorce, do not want to be hit do not want to tube him, put attention force on oneself, wait for a child big come in to look for a job at once, let oneself independent and high grade rise. Marriage is essentially a place where smooth collaboration is based on energy matching and benefits both parties. You don’t have the capital to benefit the other side, you have to take your own authority. Bad words, but this reason. To answer your question, the more purpose is to write to those who are living together before marriage for the so-called love, curettage induced labor, is not the *** gift, is not the parents consent, is not the wedding of the initiative to live in his home to give birth to a child. I hope they learn from you and learn to love themselves. You put me as a pearl, just will use a treasure box to pack you, you put me as dung grass, the other side will only use the basket. Cheap my girl no one love, is a few predecessors with youth to blood and tears for the experience, the girl must remember.

Is it really a crime to have a third party involved?

雲林徵信社推薦Is it really a crime to have a third party involved? “Lover”, “third party” and “extramarital affair” are not honorable pronoun, but a few people can use objective vision to treat these problems. Imagine how many people in the eyes of marriage is really happy, happy? How many people actually live with their loved ones? Mostly just getting by. But the private detective thinks that behind these unfortunate separations there are several can not, bitter and tears, the taste and who knows? Life is so short, life is so precious, many people will never find a worthy person to love, it is really unfortunate. Also some people found, but because of the secular vision, the social obligation and morality and other reasons back, true sad. But how can an outsider personally understand the pain of falling in love with a married person, which can be disruptive to the family? The third party is not morally acceptable to people. Some couples break up with no money and start a business from nothing, but when the husband has some qualifications, many young girls will stick up to say that they like the character and work ability of their husband. How should we evaluate these third parties? I do not know when, the Internet on television on a mountain of extramarital topics. But recently there is an interesting phenomenon, the third party seems to be more “rampant” than the wife, from time to time pour out my love on the Internet to seek resonance and comfort. Typical image of a third party on the Internet is that the young woman, economic independence, fell in love with a married man, has not wanted to break up his family or hurts his wife, but also can’t stand my love can’t see the light of day, can’t stand my love of the man’s f彰化徵信社推薦amily aboveboard happiness, but I can only in the corner on the sidelines, and then continue to love I love the people and the contradictions and pain. They feel that I should be pitiful, my love is not wrong, but they are the three of the most painful one. They feel wronged about the social scolding. I’m not going to say what’s right or wrong, but I’m going to put myself in the shoes of a third person and ask why a particular person is a third person. The question can be answered in one sentence, character determines fate. In my opinion, the third party must not be a clever woman in the first place. Let’s not discuss whether the third party brings harm to others. The third party is unhappy and what they are doing is hurting themselves. In the love of the third party, they are not dignified. Since they are with a man under the premise of knowing that they to share their love with a woman, that is to say, they acquiesced that their man can be with other women, their love starts from the unfair condition that they are in the advantage while the man is in the top. If love lost balance, but is a bright alms. Practice himself is not the real love, lose majesty, will not be happy. So why is a third party involved? They will say, in fact, they also know this, but fall in love will be unable to extricate themselves, and the smart woman will become clumsy in love. In the eyes of private detectives, it is because they are not clever women. A really smart woman, before the onset of love will be calm analysis, about this kind of obviously tragic color of love, they will stay away from the beginning. And the third party in the beginning can not see the bad results, let myself deep in it, only to wake up, but take a t南投徵信社推薦umble too late.

Private detective, what if he forced me to make love?

taiwan private detective台灣徵信社What if he forces me to make love? Insisting on staying in this house for my son turned out to be the arrival of my nightmare, a man who wanted to abandon me, in order to let me quickly and his divorce, often forced me to divorce. With some dirty tricks, outside a small three, small three just to help him gave birth to a child, always go home to stubbornly and I attack relationship, cause I’m pregnant, this home all call me out, because do not play, 2 tens of fines, I allowed, private detective, just ten days early, and stubbornly and my relationship, I always don’t know how to do, where all can’t help me, really want to kill him. The small 3 outside is being kept by him, the home inside not a person says him, the meaning is to let me accept destiny, do not recognize, press his meaning divorce, I really do not want to throw a son a person in this kind of family,taiwan detective台灣徵信社 I do not want to let my son become his kind of person. Due to my usual income is not much, directly take the son, they also refused to, assuming that a penny will not let them out of the son will give me support, but the society is really harsh, no money can not do anything, and he used to me so excessive, this outside committed such a big thing. I don’t want to pass him, a bit of obligation heart is not, tell me let me pass him, not a piece of divorce paper, signed on everyone is good, said to write a 500,000 ious to me, I know him, even if write ious, even if it is legal, he also can’t give, is also a blank check. Because I was often cheated by him of the quick spirit of the disease, really a big liar, I usually how to do? Please help me! Reply a friend hello. Love a person, the need to see the other side is worth your love, do not know how to cherish your loprivate detective台灣徵信社ve; Love a person, do not need to contribute all I, but not to spend my life; Love a person, our hands have a lot of love, but do not give all, because of selfless contribution, will let the other party can not be satisfied, learn not to be satisfied. Love a person, must learn how to love. Emotional root and material root, is the essential element of the development of marriage. When you are emotionally united with your husband, all you need to maintain your relationship is legal and other benefits. From your letter, you can see that, first, your husband is not only in the cheating crazy period, but also determined to divorce you; Second, your in-laws turn a blind eye to the matter, private detective, resulting in some inclined to assist the son’s approach. Maybe you don’t get along well with your in-laws. They think mistress is the best choice for daughter-in-lprivate detectives台灣徵信社aw. In this case, it is useless to stay married unnecessarily. You and your husband bond, and the relationship is dead. With parents-in-law relationship is not good, life is contradictory together from time to time. So, first of all, you should use this time to collect evidence of cheating on your husband, so that in the event of divorce, to fight for the right to raise the son and more financial compensation. Secondly, I should also plan for my next life, improve my economic income and be a responsible woman. You know, I can live without a man, and live well. Also, deliberately transfer your attention to your child, and get the fighting talent and happiness you want from your child. Actually, married woman does not need love ability to be more nourishing only, can live together with the child, appreciate the warmth of the life for this, this also is a kind of gprivate detectives台灣徵信社reatest happiness.

He can’t help you. He just spent thousands of dollars sleeping with you

比特幣現狀My junior year. Travel this year to know a male, he 37, senior cadres, divorced. Ask for my phone, chase me, I love him. Say good morning and good night to each other every day, call twice a week, I did not take the initiative to call, if I am not feeling well, he will call more frequently. Because of different places, winter and summer vacation sometimes he busy sometimes I busy, so now eight times. Meet him to arrange board and lodging, pretty good, before 比特幣礦難的根源parting will force money to me, seven or eight thousand, I don’t want, but have push but when, took four thousand, I didn’t spend a hair. Sometimes he tells me his life experience. They talk about politics, social phenomena. Use condoms when I remind you. Never had a pill. Call me honey honey. Say love me forever, say want to keep me for a lifetime. I love him and want to be with him all the time. But he would not marry, saying marriage was a prison. Because 如何獲得比特幣I am extremely disgusted with cheating, so he said if I marry someone else, do not force me, can go out with me in the future. “One day when you know how good I am, come to me,” he said. I am very sad, sad and wiped away tears, tell yourself to work hard, and then borrow his resources, he as a pedal to life. Want to know what he thinks, what I should do, whether my idea works or not. I want to be with him. Seek smooth elder sister give directions, seek fish m比特幣的特點eal to give advice. I accept both the good and the bad. After work to give shunjie money, xie shunjie now free guidance. If successful pedal, please shun sister fish meal. Private detective reply: 37 years old, can be a much senior cadre, not to mention senior cadre would hand just 7, 800, the back again add two zero about the same. Son, you want to use him as a springboard, you know he is at most a deputy cadres? He can’t help you. He just spent $4,000 sleep五個問答讓你秒懂區塊鏈原理及應用ing with an idiot.

Newlywed night virgin wife wife do not understand sexual affairs by the husband bully

徵信社法務費用Newlywed night virgin wife wife do not understand sexual affairs by the husband bully. Sometimes, innocence, like a double-edged sword, it makes women become noble at the same time, also become very naive. I confessed that my husband gao xuan was infatuated with me. Otherwise, he won’t keep chasing me for 6 years. Life can have a few 6 years, really beautiful love is often only a few years. Husband gao xuan gave his whole youth to me. Every time I think about it, I am filled with emotion and guilt. Because, these 6 years, we are nominally lovers, but not even a hand. Not to mention hugs and kisses. When other lovers, are wandering in the romantic romance, but we can only immerse ourselves in hard work, waiting for the humble love in the bottom of my heart. And all because my parents were teachers. My youth was eclipsed by my strict parenting and invisible surveillance. I can not imagine, in this thousands of days and nights, the husband gao xuan accepted a few sadness and struggle. School taboo puppy love, as an excellent teacher’s daughter, in addition to do a good job, the other is delusion. Yes, I also so long for love. On the night of my 18th birthday, my parents allowed my classmates and I to go to a restaurant to celebrate. My husband gao xuan bought me a lot of presents. Before leavin臺灣徵信社服務g, he affectionately expressed his love to me: jiayi, I love you, please give me a reply, how long I can wait. I was amused by his funny appearance and casually said I would marry you if I graduated from college and you still loved me. Is such a casual commitment, let the husband gao xuan gave up countless wonderful marriage. To spend the rest of my life with me. Fortunately, we were admitted to the same university. Although temporarily out of sight of my parents, I was still radical. Even if it is holding hands, or a joke, just with the opposite sex attack slightest physical touch, my face will brush red to the ears, not free. This wonderful and sensitive little detail, let husband gao xuan suffer. Lost face in front of the guys. I know husband gao xuan is opposite me and have no evil intention, period changed, everybody is so open, some lovers know 3 5 days to open a room to go to bed of not rare also, of course also have a lot of sensible protect oneself of girl, but resemble me so radical, really very rare. I hate myself behind, but always can not rest assured. Once, I and my husband gao xuan came in to play, came back late, the husband gao xuan on the left of the school opened the room, the room has two beds, the husband gao xuan repeated to me, will not touch me, but I still insist on 徵信社是如何找人separate bed. Husband gao xuan can’t, be angry to cry, he said, so many years, you still don’t believe me. At that moment, I found that in addition to the constraints of my parents, I still had a psychological disorder I could not explain, which made me panic and anxiety. In order to cover up my heart abnormal, I promised to my husband gao xuan, such as we married, I must compensate him. I endure complex mood, embrace him for the first time. He asked me impulsively for a kiss, but I gave him a sharp rebuff. The two parted in discord. Time flies, blink of an eye, my husband gao xuan and will be married. Wedding day, the husband gao xuan revealed long lost smile. My mood is very perturbed, I fear I still can not remove the inner barriers, the kind of strange exclusion of the opposite sex…… Finally, the scariest moment came. Bridal chamber spends candle night, husband gao xuan unloaded a suit of exhaustion, prepare to spend a good night with me. White moonlight streaming in the bedside, so that the whole room is filled with warmth and romance. This night, the husband gao xuan waited too long. Pure and immaculate I, have contacted a few simple physiology common sense admittedly from textbook, can face husband gao xuan naked show love, still be at a loss what to do. He approached me several t徵信社價錢-徵信社收費方式imes, but I avoided him. Finally, he could not help but force me to embrace, but I was like a rape, all the strength to shake him off. Husband gao xuan became disappointed and resentment, suddenly, burst out like my clothes torn into pieces. Then he slapped her hard and picked up a bottle of wine and walked in. The room was empty. Finally, I was tested for “heterophobia” by my doctor. According to doctors, heterosexual phobias can be roughly divided into scallophobia (blushing), visual phobia (panicking and avoiding eye contact) and facial phobia (panicking and acting unnatural). Heterophobia often comes from self-obsessive-compulsive disorder, when you see the opposite sex at forced I don’t go to see him (her) and provoke the inner struggle, or forced to produce some perverse ideas, and then you desperately want to control the time, it is more difficult to control. Husband gao xuan specially took me to see a psychologist, and bought some Chinese medicine, half a year later, the condition is also greatly improved, our feelings gradually began to ease. Up to now, my husband gao xuan has a deep apology; He watched over me as an angel from the beginning to the end. And I had no idea how he felt. Meet husband gao xuan, is my lifelong pride, I hope my illness will get better early, with lifelong 徵信社 委託書-如何委託徵信time to repay him.

My husband’s lover is a social butterfly. What should I do?

影片教學專區My husband’s lover is a social butterfly. What should I do? The person goes toward height walk, water flows toward low place, this truth should be used where all can, but my husband is off track the object incredibly so bad, is the man all so cheap? My husband is six years older than me. At that time, all the family members were against him. But he has a progressive heart, and willing to endure hardship, he is very good to me, the key is that he is my first love. But I still insist to marry, but aft盈幣寶-​Q&A問題er marriage just discover, the husband is not what I understand before marriage in that way, he still has one side is very big male creed, love face, city deep, very ideal. His family situation is not good, we married the house is my parents to pay the down payment for us, gave birth to a child is my parents free to help me to five years old, but my husband did not thank my mother, once for some inexplicable things in front of my mother beat me, he did not take into account my mother’s feelings. I d盈幣寶-價差合約分倉技巧on’t know if I was afraid of being poor since I was a child. He values money very much. We have been married for several years. Once his pay card is put in me here, then I bought the thing of the home to use 200 yuan, the husband incredibly is furious to me. My husband is doing business all the time, so his career is getting better and better with the promotion of experience. However, I delayed my work due to my marriage and children, and my income was not as good as his. My husband actually said th盈幣寶-價差合約操作思路at I did not devote myself to this family. All of these I have endured, the most let me can not afford is more money husband also began to have an affair. I investigated that woman is not a good bird, his colleagues said that the woman is a fast food woman. I never thought my husband would find such a woman. Now I once did not want to go down with him, the image of the husband before once collapsed in my heart, the family derailed is looking for a good woman, he pour good find a so bad woman, I very盈幣寶-新手價差合約心態 despise him……